Baby Bottle Syndrome

January 18, 2017
Tags: Baby  

Because the symptoms of baby bottle tooth decay (BBTD) are not easily visible, toddlers are less likely to develop the symptoms when parents are alert to the cause.

Baby bottle tooth decay (BBTD), also known as baby bottle syndrome, occurs when juice or milk pool in the baby’s mouth during sleep. It is characterized by a pattern of tooth decay on the back surfaces of the upper front teeth, making hard for parents to detect.  Some parents think that because they give their kids fluoride that it is OK to put them to bed with milk or juice.  The only safe liquid to put into a toddler’s baby bottle to prevent BBTD is water.

Children should be weaned from the bottle as soon as they can drink from a cup.  However, the bottle should not be taken away too soon, since the sucking motion aids in the development of facial muscles, as well as the tongue.