When you’re ready to trust your teeth in the hands of a new dentist, ask if he or she… 

Q1: Do you use university proven techniques to treat my gum disease without the need of surgery? 

A1: We do! -  Gum disease is an infectious disease caused by specific bacteria acquired through saliva by kissing, sharing utensils, etc.  Gum disease is an indicator of overall health. It is becoming clear through research that gum disease is related and perhaps part of the cause of heart disease, blood clots, lung infections, and strokes. 

Gum diseases result in the breakdown and loss of supporting bone around teeth, swollen-bleeding gums, bad breath, and eventually loss of teeth if untreated.  In the past, treatment was limited to cleaning teeth and gum surgery to reduce the periodontal pockets.  This surgery is unnecessary in more than 90% of cases, is very expensive, results in sensitive “long teeth”, and causes the need to replace crowns and bridges.  When patients do not recover, old fashioned dentists use antibiotics without any bacteria testing. 

New treatment methods include deep professional cleaning and/or root planning, the use of ultrasonic devices, specific antibiotic therapy (for severe cases), and sub-gingival irrigation.  Sub-gingival irrigation is a technique, which cleans the space below the gums with a strong anti-microbial agent. 

Q2: Do you utilizes orthodontic techniques that are in harmony with the entire body function, which will greatly help reduce orthodontic relapse? 

A2: We do! We strongly believe that the human body is one unit with many parts that work in harmony and depend on each other for ideal function.  Allergies and poor diet severely hinder the proper development of face and jaws.  This causes the head to tilt forward resulting in over working of the neck, shoulders, and back muscles.  If not resolved early in childhood development, this can lead to scoliosis of the spine, hip and foot problems. 

We work together with nutritionists, chiropractors, and allergy specialists to provide the best and most holistic approach to all of our orthodontic patients.  You get symmetrical facial features, well-supported lips, and beautiful lively smiles.  Because we concentrate of restoring function in addition to straightening teeth, relapse is minimal. 

Q3: Do you utilizes unique denture-making techniques that ultimately eliminate sore mouths, and result in long lasting, comfortable, and secure fit? 

A3: We do!  Many dentists use the linear denture making techniques.  We use the modern Provisional Training Denture (PTD) method.  There are three major differences: 

Speech and cosmetics to position the front teeth and reestablish the missing front function of the jaw. 

A special set up procedure is used to stabilize the dentures, securing them in the mouth with minimal interferences. 

A provisional (training) denture to gain patient acceptance while securing functional impressions, treating swollen gum tissue and refining the bite and fit. 

These methods solve many of problems that people experience with the old linear denture making technique. 

Q4: Can you show me my Hollywood Smile before I commit financially? 

A4: We do!  We make a mold of your teeth before we do anything.  Then your future dental smile is designed and sculptured on the plaster models and a clear template is customized.  On your next appointment your new smile is temporarily bonded on your teeth so you can see the end result.  This will put your mind at ease before you spend more money.  The initial charge is credited toward your cosmetic treatment cost upon completion. 

Q5: Do you insure that I will always benefit from the latest cutting edge advances in dental services and technology? 

A5: We do!  At our office, learning doesn’t end at graduation.  We continually study new advances in dentistry, improved materials and techniques.  We attend over 150 hours of continuing education.  The State requires 20 hours per year. 

Q6: Do you warrantee all of your dental work? 

A6: We do!  We Warrantee all of our Filling, Crowns and Bridges for 2 years for our active patients regardless of any reason.