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Crowns and Bridges Bring Back Your Fading Smile

For your best smile, eliminate those troublesome gaps and failing teeth. With crowns and bridges from Today's Smile Center in Berkley, MI, tooth replacement and restoration has never been easier or more attractive. Let Dr. Sam Shamoon give you back your smile.

A dental crown

It's a custom-shaped and fitted jacket of high-grade porcelain which improves your tooth's appearance and strength. Made according to oral impressions taken by Dr. Shamoon in his Berkley, MI, office, your crown will support the remaining tooth structure above the gum line and also bite properly with the opposite arch of teeth.

How can a crown specifically help your smile? This fixed restoration:

  • Corrects poor dental bite (avoiding premature wear)
  • Covers a tooth which has a lot of decay or a big filling
  • Protects a tooth weakened by cracks or chips
  • Tops off a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Covers a dental implant
  • Supports (in pairs) a dental prosthetic called a bridge

To see if a crown would aid your appearance and oral health, Dr. Shamoon will inspect it and take some X-rays. If a crown is your best choice, he'll remove any fillings, decay, or damage and prepare the tooth to receive the restoration. Until you get your permanent crown, you may wear a transitional crown to protect your tooth and normalize how you look.

When the new crown is ready, Dr. Shamoon removes the temporary and cements the permanent crown over your tooth. With today's modern fabrication processes, crowns and bridges typically fit perfectly right away.


At your Today's Smile Center in Berkley, MI, Dr. Shamoon replaces missing teeth with a variety of prosthetic options. One of the most common and reliable is fixed bridgework.

Bridges consist of one or more pontic, or artificial, teeth attached with crowns to adjacent natural teeth. A strong bonding cement keeps the appliance in place, spanning the smile gap and allowing for natural aesthetics and oral function.

Alternatively, you may qualify for a bridge supported by dental implants. This great option improves the quality of your jaw bone and lasts indefinitely.

Caring for crowns and bridges

As with any restoration, good oral hygiene habits are essential to avoiding decay and gum disease. Floss and brush daily to abate tartar build-up. Your six-month exam and cleaning are important, too.

To avoid excessive wear and tear, ask your dentist about a mouth guard if you are a bruxer, someone with teeth clenching or grinding habit. Also, watch what you eat. Chewing ice and peanut brittle can damage porcelain dental appliances.

A great smile

Regain it with a crown or bridge from the professional team at Today's Smile Center in Berkley, MI.

For more information or to book a consultation with Dr. Sam Shamoon, call us at (248) 543-1778.


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