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Benefits of Clear Braces

Find out why so many adults are finally getting braces. 

The advancements in dental technology, especially when it comes to braces, have made it an attractive option for even our older patients who never thought they would get braces as an adult. Our Berkley, MI, dentist Dr. Sam Shamoon is proud to offer clear braces to his teen and adult patients, providing them a discreet and nearly invisible way to get straight teeth. Here are some of the major benefits of getting clear braces,

Feel Confident (Even with Braces On) 

We know that the last thing you want to worry about is people staring at your teeth because you have braces; however, with clear braces, you won’t have to worry about that. Our Berkley dentist Dr. Shamoon will create your treatment plan, which will include customized clear trays, often referred to as aligners, that will fit closely against your teeth. The result is a set of braces that help give you the smile you’ve always wanted without everyone around you noticing.

Get Fast Results 

If you are an adult who is considering getting braces you may find that clear braces offer you fast results. Of course, this will depend on the type and severity of your dental issues. The average length of treatment for adults is about one year. So, in as little as one year you could have the smile you’ve always wanted.

Enjoy Eating What You Want 

Since clear braces are also removable this means that you can easily pop them out prior to meals. You don’t have to worry about the foods or drinks you consume and whether they could damage your braces. Clear braces fit into your routine; so no dietary restrictions are necessary. Of course, healthy eating habits also mean a healthy smile, so make sure that you are consuming more of the nutritious things and less of the bad stuff.

Make Your Oral Routine Easy 

Again, clear braces are removable so you won’t have to worry about the challenges of keeping teeth and gums clean during your treatment. You can remove your aligners prior to brushing and flossing. No need to change up your routine. Of course, keeping your aligners clean is important too. Our dentist would be happy to show you how to keep your clear braces looking clean.

A straight smile is a beautiful smile. If you are interested in learning more about clear braces then call Today’s Smile Center in Berkley, MI, today at (248) 543-1778. You can sit down with our dentist to learn more.


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